Generative Plants

- Generating unlimited beautiful flowers

I had the idea for this project because I'm fascinated by generative design. This is why I absolutely wanted to try it out myself. The goal of this project is to build a program that can generate an unlimited number of illustrated flowers. This program was showcased in an exhibition calles "Designers Night 12". The visitors were able to try it out and also take a postcard of their flower with them as a souvenir. I am currently working on this project with my fellow student Katy and the next exhibition will be on the fourth of July in Nuremberg.
At the moment this only works in the Chrome browser.

Generate some flowers →
Our exhibition at Designers Night 12 was a great success. We printed out all the postcards we had in stock. The visitors were excited and amazed to have their own unique flower.
The setup of our exhibit at the Designers Night
At the Designers Night a lot of people visited the stand and printed some postcards. During the evening the pin board was filled with forgotten postcards.
There were a few interesting fails that happend during this project. Here are two pictures that I found very interesting.