Auch gut_

- Magazine release event

The Auch gut_ - Event was organized for the release of the magazine "auch gut_". This magazine is designed and produced by students and professors of the faculty design of my university. The goal of this event was to create a memorable experience and to generate attention for the first edition of the magazine. I had the opportunity to organize and plan this project. My team and I implemented the event within two months. The project was a huge success as the visitors had a great time and the professors were very pleased.

Mainroom with Person speaking to the audience
  1. One of our Team members is talking to the audience
  2. Pages of the magazine displayed on the wall
  3. An installation in a glas cube visualizing an Illustration
  4. Postcards displayed on a light table for the visitors to take home
  5. The Location of the Event
  6. A text displayed on a translucent plastic sheet
  7. Magazines lying out for visitors to look through
Wall filled with pages of the magazine
Colorful cube
Glowing Table full of transparent postcards
Picture of the Building hosting the event
colorful poster
showing the magazines